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Our patients are our priority, we offer quality dental services with a team of specialists. More details about our services below.

Welcome to a new stereotype when visiting the dentist. Discover a dental practice that is refreshingly unique and where we work hard to create a positive experience for our patients! We believe that your goals should be the primary focus of your care.

Instead of blaming you for your symptoms or lectures on flossing, we strive to inform patients about their oral health risks that would otherwise prevent for a completely beautiful smile from occurring.

We focus on optimizing whole body health. This does not start and end with your teeth! My team and I consider you as a whole person who has the unlimited potential to be healthy. Together, we will work to maximize your health and diagnose and eliminate the cause of your health issues so that your “healthiest you” can thrive!

A Holistic Approach

Here at Dental Designs we have a Holistic approach to dentistry, also called biocompatible or biological dentistry. This is a philosophy in which care is provided with a health-conscious approach. Many individuals and families are turning towards “alternative” healthcare in an effort to achieve better overall health and wellness. Where there are certain advantages to traditional medicine, there are also a great many benefits that come from stepping outside the box and working with a discerning health care provider who is dedicated to personalized care.

Dr. Saffari sees your oral health in the frame of the big picture. Our team recognizes the power of a healthy, beautiful smile. We also know what can come of poor oral health. Toxins, infection, and even certain dental materials can affect the overall health and functionality of the entire body. Care of the teeth and gums, with this fact in mind, takes on a whole new importance.

Our approach to dental care is such that the entire body should benefit. Certainly, the dental treatments and materials used to address your dental concerns should not stand in the way of your best health.

Holistic dental care extends beyond preventing, diagnosing, and treating dental diseases. We get to know our patients so that we may become familiar with not only their oral anatomy but also their medical history and lifestyle habits as they relate to oral health. This familiarity, which is also facilitated with advanced imaging like digital x-rays, allows us to customize care to the individual.

Holistic dentistry may be considered “alternative,” but this approach to dental care is becoming more recognized for its amazing benefits. Experience the difference at Dental Designs.
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Our clients are our priority, we offer quality dental services with a team of specialists. More details about our services below.









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